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PaleoBloggers is an informal private mailing list for bloggers who adhere to and advocate a broadly paleo approach to nutrition, fitness, medicine, and supplementation.

The basic purpose of PaleoBloggers is to facilitate communication about matters of mutual interest -- such as blogworthy links, the paleo carnival, upcoming events, posts of interest, and best blogging practices. Its broader purpose is to help paleo bloggers more effectively advocate and promote the paleo approach.

All and only subscribers to PaleoBloggers are eligible to submit posts to The Paleo Rodeo, a weekly blog carnival featuring the best paleo posts of the week hosted by The Modern Paleo Blog.

PaleoBloggers is not moderated, but members who violate its very basic rules will be subject to moderation, if not unsubscribed.

PaleoBloggers is managed by Diana Hsieh. Diana Hsieh has been eating paleo since the summer of 2008, and she created Modern Paleo in 2010. She blogs on a variety of topics, philosophic and otherwise, at NoodleFood. She can be reached at

PaleoBloggers was created in March 2010.


To join the PaleoBloggers mailing list, you must meet two criteria:

  1. You must eat and advocate some variant of a paleo diet -- in short, that means eschewing grains, sugars, and modern vegetable oils in favor of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables. Neither total agreement with nor perfect adherence to Modern Paleo's principles is required. Newcomers to paleo are welcome.
  2. You must be a semi-active blogger on paleo-related issues, meaning that you blog at least one paleo-related post per month. New paleo bloggers are welcome. Also, people who advocate a paleo approach in other substantial media -- such as via lectures, videos, articles, and books -- are welcome to join too.
Lurking on PaleoBloggers is not permitted. If you are confused or doubtful about the subscription criteria, please contact the list manager Diana Hsieh before attempting to subscribe.

Do you wish to join PaleoBloggers? To do so, you must request a subscription via this web form.

The PaleoBloggers list is managed through Google Groups, so subscribing requires an account with Google. (It's free and easy to create.) In requesting a subscription, you will be asked to confirm that you meet the criteria for membership. You can choose to receive messages as individual e-mails, to receive a daily summary or digest, or to read messages on the web.

After you subscribe, please feel free to post an introduction, including your name, location, and any other relevant personal information -- as well as your blog title, URL, and a few sample posts.

List Rules

The PaleoBloggers list has a few basic rules:

  1. Please be friendly or at least civil in posts to the list and in e-mails to the list manager. Subscribers who behave like asses, such as by insulting or attacking other list members, will be removed from the list.

  2. Please respect the purpose of the list, namely the discussion of topics related to paleo blogging. PaleoBloggers is not for debate about paleo principles. Such debate should be conducted on paleo blogs, discussion boards, or in private e-mail. Subscribers who prove disruptive, such as by posting on irrelevant topics, will be placed on moderation or removed from the list.

  3. Please be considerate about what you choose to post to the list. If a message is likely to be of interest to just one or two people -- such as "thank you!" or "good job!" -- please send that privately, rather than to the whole list. Notably, you are welcome to announce your own work, if relevant.

  4. Please refrain from debate on the list. The common goal of all of Modern Paleo's lists is to serve our real-life values, not to foster ivory-tower or acrimonious debate. If you disagree with opinions expressed on the list, state your own views and give reasons for them. Any back-and-forth arguments, however, should be taken off-list.

List Mechanics

E-mail messages to PaleoBloggers should be addressed to or (Mail to the former address is automatically forwarded to the latter address.)

If you are a subscriber, you can access PaleoBloggers through this web interface. There, you can peruse the archives and change your subscription.


If you have any questions about or problems with the list, please e-mail the list's manager Diana Hsieh at

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Modern Paleo is owned and managed by philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh of Philosophy in Action.

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